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16 Jun
Judith Adam-Caumeil

Le nouveau règlement « Bruxelles I bis » s’inscrit dans une volonté évidente de simplification procédurale en matière de compétence au sein de l’Union Européenne, internationalisant même les règles relatives à la litispendance. La Cour de cassation dans un arrêt récent rendu dans une affaire confiée au CABINET ADAM-CAUMEIL, prend appui sur le nouveau règlement européen en redéfinissant les modalités de la litispendance. 

20 Mar
Thierry Clerc, Thomas Rinne

The Commercial Agent is an independent professional acting on behalf of the Seller, from whom he receives instructions; yet, usually, the Agent is not in charge of signing the final contract. The Commercial Agent’s remuneration is based on commissions and the Agent is entitled to an end-of-contract allowance.

12 Nov
Khrystyna Demchenko, Nataliia Modlenko

For less than six months of work on the draft law we can speak about seven meetings of the working groups that have already been held with the participation of the representatives of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, professional associations, practitioners in the field of medicine and pharmacy, lawyers, etc.

20 Oct
Dr. Thomas Rinne, Rechtsanwalt | Johannes Brand, Rechtsanwalt

The ongoing legal quarrels between the software company Uber, which provides a ‘ride-sharing’ app, and local authorities and taxi companies in Germany is symbolic for a clash of legal cultures and expectations with the US-American company demanding more economic liberty in the strongly regulated market for single person transport services in Germany.

11 Aug
Yves Daenen

In Belgian law four kinds of leasehold estate exist.

6 Feb

Be reliable and you'll make a difference: some insights from a fellow EJ member. In this month's interview, meet Carl Crevits (EJ Belgium), a lawyer from Ghent. He progressively took on more and more responsibilities in his national chapter, and here are some reasons why his enthusiasm for the Eurojuris project is growing. What is the most important quality for a lawyer? Being reliable.

17 Jan
Enrique Delgado-Schwarzmann Jiménez

New Reforms in the Spanish legal system for Promotion of foreign Investment in Spain . Spain is taking steps into the right direction, aiming to simplify the current model of labor contracting.

4 Dec
By Veikko Toomere, partner MAQS Law Firm in Estonia

Restructuring in Estonia – 5 years of practice By Veikko Toomere, partner MAQS Law Firm in Estonia

17 Jun
Joan Dubaere

I.            INLEIDING – HISTORIEK Om redenen van praktische aard, efficiëntie en kostenbesparing, komt vanuit de praktijk geregeld de vraag naar de mogelijkheid om over te gaan tot ontbinding en afsluiting van de vereffening van een vennootschap in één en dezelfde akte.

2 Apr
Yves Daenen

Heel wat ondernemingen oefenen hun activiteit uit in een huurpand. Als basis dient vaak een standaard huurcontract dat de eigenaar aan de ondernemer voorlegt of dat van internet gehaald wordt. Mr. Yves Daenen, advocaat – vennoot bij Omnius advocaten, waarschuwt dat zo’n standaardcontract heel wat risico’s inhoudt.




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