About Eurojuris Belgium

About us

EUROJURIS Belgium is a network of Belgian law firms and offers direct legal advice and local representation to companies, corporations, public authorities and private clients all over Europe.

What defines us

Taking advantage of local knowledge and expertise is the most effective way to handle Europe's legal and commercial diversity. Using lawyers based on the spot where problems occur is a tremendous advantage as they know local authorities and procedures, speak the language and are able to operate effectively and promptly in their home environment and avoid extra charges for traveling expenses.

Located at the strategic center of Europe, with easy access to the offices of the European Community, EUROJURIS Belgium is a nonprofit organisation which aims to improve its members' competence by professional training, international exchanges of trainees and the use of legal audits.

Eurojuris Belgium is a founding member of the EUROJURIS International and is made up of 30 law firms and more than 250 lawyers all of whom are committed to the Eurojuris Quality Standards. They cover 23 cities throughout Belgium. EUROJURIS Belgium, through its information policy, enables a direct identification of specialists in the various areas of law.

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