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About Eurojuris International

EUROJURIS International is the leading network of law firms in Europe, covering the main cities in 17 countries. Each country has a national EUROJURIS association which selects as members medium-sized independent law firms well established in their country and who satisfy the Eurojuris selection criteria.

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The objective is to provide to companies, corporation, public authorities and private clients direct legal advice and local representation. Europe does not have a single legal system. The method of conducting business varies from one country to another.

Using local expertise from qualified lawyers who are based on the spot where the client's problem arises is an effective way to serve the client or the correspondent lawyer. The local lawyer can draw on his knowledge of local authorities and procedures, speaks the language and is able to act effectively and promptly in his own environment.

Using a local law firm provides a cost effective alternative to the use of larger firms in state capitals.


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