International Litigation, ADR and Contracts

International Litigation, ADR and Contracts

1. Introduction

International Litigation, ADR and Contracts

The Group specialises in drawing up international contracts and commercial dispute resolution where there is a cross-border dimension. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is also part of its core business.

The Group trains its members at Practice group meetings, with Group members presenting topics of relevance regarding legal issues and proceedings, both in their national forums and in the context of international and EU conventions and regulations, which affect all members.

Group members take part in seminars which are often held jointly with other organizations such as:

  • the Federation of Consulting Engineers (Germany)
  • the Bar Council in Paris (France)
  • the Academy of European Law / ERA (Trier, Germany).

The Group focuses on publishing more material on basic civil procedure in our various legal forums, resulting in a series of “country guides”, enabling members to be better prepared to give instructions to their colleagues overseas and work together more effectively on cases.

2. Latest News

6 May 2021 Meeting Report, 19 participants from 8 countries, Topics:New German supply chain law and similar legislation, by Christian Schlemmer (G) ; Enforcement of judgements and arbitral rulings in the UK after Brexit, by Angharad Parry, barrister (UK).

16 october 2020 programme: Cyber security : Hacking, dark web, how it works, by Robert van der Vossen ( CYCO Cybercrime Cover, NL) ; legal issues and liabilities of the “parties” including the bank, in case of hacking of emails and bank details, by Professor Denis MOURALIS, from Aix Marseille faculty of law and Arbitrator at the CMAP( Mediation & Arbitration Centre of Paris)

7 May 2020 Meeting Report, 40 Lawyers from 19 countries, Topics: Legal privilege in the UK, by Charlotte Clode and Cat Mac Lean (UK) ; COVID 19 consequences on business contracts and justice systems, by Thierry CLERC (FR) ; Exequatur of Courts decisions by Christian Schlemmer (G) and Naveen Idrakanti (UAE) ; What clauses survive after the end of the contract by Moritz Schumann (USA) and Thierry CLERC (FR) ; The liability of directors and board members in cases of Anti trust violations in Germany, by Christoph Herrmann(G)

Frankfurt Report October 2019, 32 participants from 12 countries, Topics: Frankfurt Chamber for International Commercial Disputes, Comparison between the proceedings before the Arbitration Chamber of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the ICDR which is a U.S. Chamber, Litigation funding in the UK, Limitation of liability in contracts and insurance cover

Ljubljana Report May 2019, 20 participants from 12 countries, Topics: Distribution contracts and bankruptcy, GDPR and Brexit 

Dubai Report October 2018, 14 participants from 13 countries, Topics: Agency and distribution contracts.

Stockholm Report May 2018, 16 participants from 9 countries, Topics: E justice, Anti bribery legislation and contracts, GDPR in law firms

Brussels Report October 2017, 25 participants from 13 countries, Topics: How to handle a European litigation case, Mediation worldwide

Lisbon Report May 2017, 21 participants from 15 countries, Topics: hidden defects and, in a joint session with banking insolvency and restructuring groups, fraudulent bank transfer as a result of email interception by fraudsters

3. Topics** dealt by the group since 2015

3.1 Cross-border commercial agency”** 20 March 2015, an article by Thierry CLERC (France) and Thomas RINNE (Germany)

3.2 “Agency Contracts”** Helsinki 2015, a meeting report by Thierry CLERC (France), Thomas RINNE (Germany), Dominique WALRAVENS (Belgium), Mika HEMMO (Finland), Pietro BEMBO (Italy), Benedykt FIUTOWSKI (Poland), Francis WALLACE (UK),

3.3 “Distribution Contracts”** Munich 2015, a meeting report by Thierry CLERC (France), Dominique WALRAVENS (Belgium), Timo MÄENPÄÄ (Finland), Johannes BRAND (Germany), Frank DI GIANTOMASSO (Australia), Pietro BEMBO (Italy), Benedykt FIUTOWSKI (Poland), Francis WALLACE (UK), Dinesh SINGH (India),

3.4 Limitation of Liability for the seller **, 2016, an article by Benedykt FIUTOWSKI (Krakow, Poland)

3.5 Retention of Title in international commerce **, 2016, an article by Pierantonio Paulon (Treviso, Italy)

3.6 Hardship clause **, 2016, an article by Thierry Clerc (IFL Avocats, France)

3.7 When cross-border distribution contracts come to an end”** March 2016, an article by Thierry CLERC and Josselin PESCHIUTTA (France), Francis WALLACE (UK), Frank DI GIANTOMASSO (Australia), Johannes BRAND (Germany), Dominique WALRAVENS (Belgium), Pietro BEMBO (Italy), Timo MÄENPÄÄ (Finland), Benedykt FIUTOWSKI (Poland), Dinesh SINGH and Aarushi SHARMA (India)

3.8 General Terms & Conditions**, Marseille 2016, a meeting report (17 participants from 11 countries) by Thierry CLERC (France), Pierantonio PAULON and Pietro BEMBO (Italy), Francis WALLACE (UK), Benedykt FIUTOWSKI (Poland), Fabienne LEGRAND (Belgium), Papis SECK (The Netherlands), Stefan DAUBNER (Germany) and Prof Denis Mouralis (Faculty of law, Aix Marseille)

3.9 Freezing bank accounts**, Prague 2016 (report from Francis Wallace, Rix & Kay Brighton, UK)

3.10 Internet contracts disputes **, Prague 2016 (reports from Pietro Bembo, Italy, Valerie Crevecoeur, IFL France, and Raoul DELPECH consultant, open-source France)

3.11 European Order for Payment**, Prague 2016 (report from Lotte Vanfraechem, Belgium)

3.12 Arbitration versus litigation and mediation**, Prague 2016(report from Pierantonio PAULON, Italy)

3.13 Group of Companies, and Arbitration **, Prague 2016, a joint session with the Corporate law group (40 participants from 16 countries, a report from Thierry Clerc, (IFL Avocats, France), Joachim Asendorf, (Einem & Partner, Bremen, Germany) and Ladislav Zvolsky, (Prague)
- New Czech rules on group of companies by Prof of faculty of law, Peter Cech
- German perspective by Joachim Asendorf (Einem und Partner, Bremen, Germany)
- Arbitration in corporate and M&A matters by Martin Maisner, arbitrator in Czech Republic,
- Arbitration between a French commercial agent and a Spanish principal by Valerie Crevecoeur (IFL Avocats, France)

3.14 Hidden defects ** Lisbon 2017, reports from 11 countries (Finland, Spain Germany, Monaco, UK, Belgium, Poland, France, Italy, Dubai, Netherlands) and article by Stefan DAUBNER ( BWP, Dusseldorf, Germany)

3.15  Banking fraudulent  transfer** Lisbon 2017, reports from 8 countries(Finland, Spain, Germany, UK, Belgium, Austria, France, Dubai) and article by Francis Wallace (Rix & Kay, Brighton, UK)

3.16 How to handle a European litigation case, Brussels October 2017, by Xandra KRAMER, professor of law, Rotterdam

Mediation worldwide, Brussels October 2017, reports from Germany, Spain, Belgium, Monaco, UAE, China, England and Wales, Czech Republic,  Netherlands, France, Italy,  Poland,  Finland

3.17 E Justice Stockholm May 2018

E Justice, Stockholm May 2018,  by Martijn MAATHUIS and reports from Germany, UK, Monaco, Spain, France

Anti bribery legislation and contracts, Stockholm May 2018, by Jonathon MOORE (USA), Alistair RUSTEMEYER( UK), Christian SCHEMMLER( Germany), Thierry CLERC ( France) and reports from Monaco and Spain

GDPR in law firms, Stockholm May 2018, by Christian SCHEMMLER( Germany) and Thierry CLERC( France)

3.18 Report Dubai October 2018

3.19 Report Ljubljana May 2019

3.20 Report Frankfurt October 2019

3.21 Article BREXIT: The Consequences, 2019, by Thierry Clerc and Sarah Baudin. With the kind participation of Peter Wilding and Luke Harrison.

3.22 Cancellations of business contracts under French law due to Coronavirus by Thierry CLERC, May 2020

3.23 Eurojuris Practice Groups meeting 2020, Programme of the International Litigation, ADR and Contracts Group

3.24 Report Online Meeting May 2021

3.25 Enforcement after Brexit, May 2021, by Angharad M. Parry

3.26 Supply Chain Law Belgium,May 2021, by Yoeri Deckers, Filip Gilson

3.27 Supply Chain Law Germany, May 2021, by Christian Schlemmer

3.28 Supply Chain Law Italy (en) and (it), May 2021, by Alberto Maria di Alberto

3.29 Supply Chain Law UK, May 2021, byGuy Birkett, Charlotte Clode, Paul Kite, Alistair Rustemeyer

Warranties and Guarantees**2012

4.1 Warranties and Guarantees in Ukraine**, report from Oleksii Bezhevets ( Legal Alliance)
4.2 Warranties and Guarantees in Italian law**, report from Pietro Bembo
4.3 Warranties and Guarantees in English law**, report from Francis Wallace ( Rix & Kay)
4.4 Warranties and Guarantees in Denmark**, report from Julia Jensen (Kragbak & Olesen)
4.5 Warranties and Guarantees in Belgium**, report from Dominique Walravens

Mediation 2009

5.1 Mediation in Ukraine**report from Anna Olifirenko
5.2 Mediation in Denmark**, report from Hans Schierbeck
5.3 Mediation in England and Wales**, report from Francis Wallace (Rix & Kay)
5.4 Medfiation in Greece**, report from Catherine Cotsaki
5.5 Mediation in Belgium**, report from Guy Portaels
5.6 Mediation in Poland**, report from Benedykt Fiutowski



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